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Find Out MoreJohn Cliff & Associates - Advanced Technologies for the MindMost people think change is something you have to push yourself into. And usually the bigger the change, the harder you need to push.

This means you can effectively upgrade your ‘default’ behaviours so that the changes happen automatically and from within – and usually without having to maintain a constant resolve or continually being tough with yourself.

They can also be applied into training and skills enhancement programs, especially for subjects as varied as persuasion and presentation skills to enhancing personal rapport and creativity.

This means that new learnings are more likely to be integrated within people’s existing value and belief systems, so there’s far less possibility of unconscious resistance to new ways and procedures.

Along with a number of NLP colleagues, I’ve been exploring these technologies for more than a decade.

We’ve studied the ways the conscious and unconscious minds interact, and we’ve seen how easily the techniques can bring about fast and lasting change amongst all kinds of people.

And in today’s highly competitive cut and thrust world, it doesn’t take a big difference to make a huge difference.

John Cliff & Associates works with a number of highly professional individuals and companies in providing consultancy services and in running a range of corporate training programs.

Few people are truly shy. But nearly all of us from time to time experience those occasions when a bit of pressure can have us stumbling over our words and blocking our natural personality from coming through.

It means you can program whatever behavioural changes you want directly into your unconscious mind so they happen from within, easily and automatically.

Give your personal influence and resolve a positive nudge up with some great hints and strategies from NLP professionals.

You’ll get plenty of ideas to help you communicate more effectively, improve… Read more…

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