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Find Out MoreIs Lack of Sleep Ruining Your Life? - The Sleep DivaIt’s 3am and you are wide awake. You know that you need your rest to stay healthy to do your best job at work and to take care of your family, but sleep just won’t come. You’ve tried to relax, create a peaceful bedroom, wear ear plugs and sleep mask, go to bed early…

Quite simply, sleep is essential for survival. You spend about a third of your life asleep. While you are asleep, your body takes the time to cleanse and regenerate. Through the sleep cycles, the body is actively producing hormones that put humans in a growth state and allow for recovery and healing of muscles and tissues. While the body is at rest, the brain restructures new neuro-networks and helps solve problems. When you have insomnia, you are missing out on sleep’s essential brain-boosting, health-enhancing benefits.

Over the past 25 year of my practice, I have heard from hundreds of clients how their sleep problems make it impossible to have the energy to “get it all done” each day. I have also seen the relief that comes after we’ve worked to put together a plan that gets them sleeping at night again.

You see, cookie cutter approaches don’t work when treating insomnia. Each person is different and needs a different set of interventions to finally solve their sleep problem. That’s probably why you’ve tried “everything” and nothing works, the magic combination is different for everyone.

Although everyone is different, through my new book, Insomnia Secrets, I can help you to discover the triggers to your sleep program and start sleeping better tonight.

Your path to getting a good night’s sleep is as unique as you are. Insomnia Secrets is the product of over 25 years of creating personalized, customized plans to help people sleep better. People come… Read more…

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