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Find Out MoreIRS Levies - Tax Audits - Let Me HelpRE: Your Tax Bill and the Internet Marketing Tax Guide Dear Domainer and Internet Marketer, Let’s be honest, taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping probably just are not what excite you… But it doesn’t need to scare you either! Armed with a little knowledge (written in plain simple language) you can learn the strategies to, most importantly, not get hit with an unnecessary huge tax bill.

I am a university professor who teaches accounting and economics, which means it is my job help people learn about topics they really don’t want to. My extensive consulting practice also means that

So unlike many of the “part-time” tax professionals who probably sat in on one of my classes or attended a two-day tax school in the fall – I live and breath this year round! And I get called in when there is a mess…

How many times have you seen an Internet Marketer do a “Firesale” promotion because they got hit with a HUGE TAX BILL?

Unfortunately, I get called in after that mess gets created – to help dig them out of their tax problems.

What would you do if you got hit with a $10,000, $20,000, or $50,000 tax bill? And that could have been avoided if you had simply taken the right “tax planning” steps at the right time!

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to think about right now is taxes. But where will your focus be if you are scrambling to put together a firesale promotion because the IRS just froze your bank accounts and you are scrambling to deal with the IRS agents, trying to figure out how to setup all new bank accounts, and dealing with family pressures at home.

Don’t get caught in that situation just because you didn’t take about 45 minutes to… Read more…

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