Index Assistant – The most time-saving Backlink Indexing tool available!

Find Out MoreIndex Assistant - The most time-saving Backlink Indexing tool available!Doing SEO takes time or money – usually both. That’s why it’s so important to make every backlink count. Index Assistant works hard to get all of your backlinks indexed – with the best of one-click automation. Saving you time and helping you get more traffic, sales and money in your pocket.

Building links is the backbone of SEO, and when done right it flat out works. The trouble is that it can take a long time to get your money pages ranked, and a lot of links.

That’s where Index Assistant comes in. This breakthrough software boosts you higher up the search engine results quickly, without you having to spend a ton of extra time or money doing it. Just paste in your links, click GO and reap the rewards.

What makes this so effective is that it automatically goes out and creates RSS Feeds (which are a bit like simplified web pages) which are filled with your backlinks, and then submits them all over the web. Google’s spider then finds all of these links, crawls and indexes them and pushes your website higher up the search results.

As you know, making a profit online is all about traffic – and the amount of traffic you get from top rankings is staggering.

It’s set up ready to use right out of the box – just enter in your links and a few titles and descriptions around your topic and click GO!

With options to create multiple types of RSS Feed either online or on your own domains, automated use of shortened URL services and with no limit on the number of links or feeds used any time, Index Assistant is far and away the most time-saving Backlink Indexing tool available on the market today.

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