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Find Out MoreI CAN Read Mommy!!! -FACT: Estimates of the number of people in the United States with dyslexia vary from 5% to 17% of the population.

FACT: Approximately 3% to 4% of students in the U.S. schools receive special education services for a reading disability. Far more children who have dyslexia do not receive special education.

Does your child suffer from Dyslexia or another SLD, and do you wish you could wave a super-magic wand to reach out into the outside world to find a book that will show you a corrective treatment almost unknown in the USA?

One that explains a tried-and-tested method found by a Florida grandmother some 20 years ago in Europe?

If you do, then read every word of this announcement without fail because the information being shared with you is:

Quite Simply THE Most Extraordinary, Unknown Step-By-Step Detailed Description of a New treatment FOR YOUR CHILD to be corrected for Dyslexia and other SLDs, which is PAIN-free, DRUG-free and scientifically-proven after over 30 years of painstaking research in Europe.

And if this all sounds right to you, as the owner of this little book, you will be partaking in a sweep of MASSIVE and MONUMENTAL proportions as this method becomes known in the USA through your knowledge and expertise if you decide spread the word.

You don’t even need a degree in Psychology, or Medicine or Child Development – because all the information is verifiable immediately via the internet, and it so OBVIOUS that anybody will understand it – particularly your kids.

This book is specifically designed for Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas and anybody else in your extended family. Because we think that once you get the ball rolling, you will ALL want to try! After all, it happened to Mary, the author…

We all want to give our children the very best… Read more…

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