How to conquer your public speaking fears forever

Find Out MoreHow to conquer your public speaking fears foreverHello. I’m Dr Jeannette Kavanagh. I produced this downloadable program Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best so that you can let the dynamic and confident speaker in you emerge. If nervousness and fear is a problem, you can conquer your public speaking fear in the privacy of your own home. For over twenty years, I’ve been a public speaking coach. I’ve also designed and run public speaking skills seminars. One of my other programs, the best selling Calming Words is a self-help kit that provides ALL the proven ways to eliminate fear, anxiety, panic and phobias from your life. I developed this program because I’ve helped so many highly successful and confident people to overcome their great fear of public speaking. I’ve also met other people who are nervous or even terrified about public speaking because they don’t have to do it very often. Consequently, they’ve never reached a stage of feeling comfortable about their ability to win over an audience. Even when that audience is made up of their seven colleagues at the staff meeting.

What are your reasons for wanting to conquer your fear of speaking in public? Do you just want to be able to:

In most of those scenarios you may only have had to speak to a few people, most of whom were family, friends or work colleagues. It’s still true that all of those occasions have caused millions of people a great deal of anxiety, fear and even dread.

As well as proven strategies to overcome your fear, my Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best e-program provides a how-to blueprint to guide you in writing the most common speeches you’ll have to deliver. Just having a framework on which to base your father-of-the-Bride speech is worth the cost… Read more…

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