How to Conquer Social Anxiety Disorder Now: A Self-Help Gudie Using Cogntive Behavioral Techniques

Find Out MoreHow to Conquer Social Anxiety Disorder Now: A Self-Help Gudie Using Cogntive Behavioral TechniquesMy name is Vladimir. I’m a typical guy who suffered the same agonizing pain you’re going through right now. I understand what you feel in a way that only another person with social anxiety disorder can possibly understand.

I had social anxiety during most of my life, but I thought I was just shy, that it was just the way I was, so I wasn’t really looking to change. Only later I realized I had a psychological condition called social anxiety disorder or social phobia.

For many years I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t see any point in living and I couldn’t relate to anyone. I felt like my life was an endurance test, it was me vs. the world everyday and there was no way of “getting over” this debilitating disorder.

I had very few friends, and even they considered I was "weird". I didn’t feel comfortable around them. How sad is to feel uncomfortable with your own friends? I wanted to go out, but I couldn’t. I saw everyone around me having fun, why couldn’t I be like them?

It seemed to me that I was on different planet from everyone. I have never been able to form relationships. I never had anything in common with people. I was sick of seeing everyone else enjoy their lives while I was always alone. The best that I could do is to fake myself to be something I was not. I felt that I had no reason to exist.

I had the phone in my hand and a piece of paper with the phone number in my other hand. But I couldn’t get myself to dial.

It was December 30, 2005, and I knew I had hit rock bottom. I was constantly depressed. I had "everything I could ask… Read more…

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