How to Communicate With God, Physically feel God’s Energy Enter You

Find Out MoreHow to Communicate With God, Physically feel God's Energy Enter YouIs this possible? Yes! Many people have felt God’s energy flowing into them on many occasions. We will share with you how to make this happen for YOU on a regular basis. Our unique program enables you to discover the most amazing thing you could ever possibly experience.

What does it feel like? It kind of feels like when you get the shivers, however it is very different from that as well. It is much more intense and pleasing then getting the shivers. You will feel amazing when God reveals his presence and existence to you through physical and deep inner communication. Your body will absorb the energy and it will pass through you like waves of intense bliss and pleasure. At the moment God’s Energy enters, you will feel it, and you will know without question that God truly exists.

The first time it happens to someone they become so amazed that they just can’t believe it. Yet they know that they have just communicated with God. It is simply amazing the first time, and the second and third time it is just as amazing.

It is very intense, there is no other feeling like it in the world. You cannot mistake this feeling for anything but God’s own presence touching you.

There are so many views about God that many people have given up, they just don’t want to believe in God because there are so many different enigmas associated with him.

Here is our belief of what God is. In no way do we want to change your perception or image of God. That is personal for each individual, and it should stay that way. The description of God we want to show you simply demonstrates God as being accessible to everyone, which we certainly believe he… Read more…

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