Guided Meditation Audio Program – Relieve Stress – Relax and Unwind

Find Out MoreGuided Meditation Audio Program - Relieve Stress - Relax and UnwindStress levels everywhere are soaring. Busy schedules, financial woes and constant communication has limited our ability to simply relax and unwind.

Our mind works in ways we will never understand. More importantly, think of when your best ideas come to you, it happens when you are not trying to solve problems. It usually happens when you are relaxed, on vacation, or sleeping. These days everyone from Steve Jobs to Madonna meditate to improve their overall well-being. Shouldn’t you?

Whichever meditation method you choose or the frequency you practice, meditation will provide you with a natural source of energy and stress relief.

Is Meditation a Religious or Occult Practice? While many religions use meditation as a method of prayer, devotion, and spiritual searching, western Meditation practices have been developed to be entirely non-religious. You may hear the Hindu blessing "Namaste" used by various different Yoga instructors, but this is merely a tip of the hat to the origins of meditation and by no means a religious practice. Remember that the first Christian monks, the Desert Fathers, used meditation as part of their religious devotionals.

Will Meditation Help Me With Anger Management and/or Depression? Experts say definitely. This reporter for a British newspaper agrees; read her story if you are interested in using meditation as an anger management tool. According to her article, recent studies suggest a 48% decrease in depressive symptoms among practitioners of transcendental meditation™. Meditation is a drug-free way to get a handle on your inner emotional turbulence.

Will Meditation Help Me With Stress? If you can take just a few minutes out of your day to meditate, you will greatly reduce your stress levels. Ten minutes in the morning or at lunch is all you need to calm your mind for a hectic day of work. You will… Read more…

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