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Find Out MoreGrow A Ministry“What I’ve read thus far is right on the money…especially the issue of everyone wanting to be the pastor. There are so many ministry needs that get bypassed because most want to rush into the driver’s seat.” –Pastor Ottley Holmes

"It is a apostolic birthing plan for all endtime ministries thank you man of god. elder hall you a blessing." –Apostle Joseph Mchenry

Have you thought about just throwing in the towel because it seems like God is just not blessing your efforts?

What if it is not that God has not blessed you? What if it is just that He has been preparing you for the information you are about to get NOW?

You see there is a reason that you are where you are and everything you have gone through is just God’s way of making you into exactly what He wants you to be.

If you know that you know you have been called by God, your ministry is not failing. Your ministry growth is about to explode!

The bible lets us know that we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. You see having a calling is just the beginning. You must acquire the knowledge of how to attract members to your ministry.

God gave you unique gifts that are for a specific people. One of the main mistakes that pastors and church leaders make is trying to be everything to everybody. This is a HUGE mistake!

“It is truly a blessing to be able to see and read it. This is very informational, and easy to understand to help every church, ministry, or business to grow, and become successful. Thank you so much for sharing.” –Minister Evelyn Adewoye

"Sir, I have been seeking this and my heart beats in tune with… Read more…

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