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Find Out MoreGrassroots Organizations Nonprofit Qualities Leadership Community Non Profit ManagementThe GRASSROUTE GUIDE is a detailed roadmap for Organizational Development, Team Building and Leadership Training for Non Profit Grassroots Community Service and Action Groups.

The GRASSROUTE GUIDE leads you through a step-by-step objective, holistic analysis of the structural, personal, and interpersonal patterns that make up your grassroots group’s culture and impact it’s effectiveness. Use the surveys in the GRASSROUTE GUIDE to chart an accurate map of your grassroots group’s energy flow and you’ll be able to easily identify which patterns gain or drain energy.

The GRASSROUTE GUIDE will help you find the cultural triggers to heal dysfunction in your grassroots group, identify structural roadblocks, re-establish and maintain positive communication and interaction, bring the FUN and JOY back to everything you do and drive your grassroots group efforts to success.

But that’s not all… The GRASSROUTE GUIDE covers grassroots group dynamics and organizational structure, grassroots leadership and communication skills, techniques for a creating a collective consciousness and alignment with core values, attracting and managing volunteers, facilitating meetings, staging events, grassroots brand imaging, managing local media, identifying and neutralizing disruptive individuals, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE…

For over two decades Paul Deslauriers has been a leading organizational development consultant to grassroots groups driven by the energy of human compassion, service and ingenuity. Working with grassroots groups, nonprofits and businesses alike, Paul is an expert at identifying what’s driving a grassroots group off course, and what group members can easily do to get it back on track.

In the GRASSROUTE GUIDE Paul lays out a practical format to apply insightful, self-balancing principles of “high-energy” grassroots community organizing. Empower your grassroots group today!

The GRASSROUTE GUIDE will give you answers to these questions and more. It’s your roadmap to addressing the many needs and skills of grassroots organizing. The book is also meant to… Read more…

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