Government Grants, Loans, Federal grants and Grant Money

Find Out MoreGovernment Grants, Loans, Federal grants and Grant MoneyIt not only gives you the knowledge of how you can immediately TAP INTO THE SOURCES OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS available to you from Federal and local State Free Grant Money programs (which I may add have been funded by YOUR tax dollars), but it also exposes you to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of additional Free Grant Money available to you through FOUNDATION GRANTS.

You are probably asking yourself, "What are Foundation Grants?" Foundation Grants are given in the form of Free Cash Grants and given to individuals and small businesses by big corporations or wealthy private citizens, who want to use it as a TAX WRITE OFF and as a way to promote good will for their companies. These private Foundations are required by law to give away 5% of their income each and every year or they will lose their non-profit status.

Did you know that there are over 24,000 State Programs, 30,000 Private Foundations, 20,000 Business Foundations, and 1,500 Federal Programs administered by 57 different Agencies? These agencies independently allocate and administer the combined $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS to be given away this year. They have to give this Free Money to someone, so WHY SHOULDN’T YOU BE ONE OF THEM?

People always ask us, "Can I apply for more than one Grant?" And we always them, "Yes, absolutely! You can apply for as many as you want. You are ONLY limited by your own imagination and what you can do with the grant money.

Maybe you already called the government looking for grants for your business and were told they, "don’t have grants for business". They may be right that their office does not offer grants for business but that doesn’t mean that the government doesn’t offer grants for business. Depending on your state, I’ll show you up to 60 government offices that offer grants to… Read more…

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