Free Muscle Building Presentation

Find Out MoreFree Muscle Building Presentation"Sean… I’m sick and tired of being out of shape. I’m ready to take a stand and finally achieve the ripped, muscular, jacked-up body I’ve always dreamed of…"

The Truth About Building Muscle E-Book Ranked by as the most popular muscle-building program online for over 2 years, "The Truth About Building Muscle" is a 266-page, information-packed guide to building maximum muscle size and strength in minimum time.

26-Week "No-Fail" Workout Plan & Logbook A detailed 26-week workout guide including the exact number of sets, reps and exercises to perform on which days. The 26-week plan includes a printable logbook that will allow you to track your progress in the gym each week.

Exercise Technique Video Database Includes full descriptions and videos of over 100 of the most effective weightlifting exercises in existence. Learn proper form to prevent injuries and maximize the effectiveness of each lift. If you’re lucky, some of my competition may give you drawings, but you’re getting full motion video here!

The Customized "No-Fail" Meal Plans You get all nine 12-week meal plans ranging from 2000 to 6000 calories. You’ll never have to wonder what you should eat to achieve maximum, monster growth, whether you’re working out or not that day. And you even get full meal prep. instructions!

Online Muscle-Building Video Training Module This 6-part online video lesson series will teach you the most effective, growth producing methods for training each individual muscle group: your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and abs, with a full video lesson dedicated to each.

The Body Transformation Tracker Software This incredible piece of software contains a full nutritional database, meal plan organizer, detailed workout log, personal training blog, body fat calculator, muscle gain measurement tracker, progress image tracker and much more.

My Personal Trainer Software It’s like having me with you as your personal… Read more…

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