Free From Bullies

Find Out MoreFree From BulliesBullying is a sure way to make a child’s life miserable. If someone in your life is being bullied you will know how helpless, frustrated – and angry – this makes you feel. You would do anything to take the hurt away, but you also know you need to help your child deal with bullying when you cannot be there.

Whether we like it or not, bullying is a part of the life of many children. In fact, approximately half of all children report being bullied at some time. And 15% of students are subject to some form of harassment on a daily basis.

Direct verbal taunting, such as cruel teasing and name-calling, is the most common form, with boys and girls experiencing this about equally. Physical violence is also common, particularly with boys – although girls are increasingly involved in physical violence.

Being elbowed, shoved into a bike rack, kicked in the shins or slapped may not leave bruises but it is a form of assault that no one should have to put up with.

Children subject to such behavior find their schoolwork, their self-esteem and their friendships are all affected. Read more…

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