Facebook-2-iContact: Facebook Connect button adds email address to iContact list

Find Out MoreFacebook-2-iContact: Facebook Connect button adds email address to iContact listFacebook-2-iContact is a script that is revolutionizing the way website owners get email leads: Instead of using traditional opt-in forms that require the user to type their email address and submit, you can simply place a Facebook button on your website. When a user clicks this, you instantly get their details saved to your iContact list in realtime , ready for you to send to!

Replace your existing opt-in form with a simple ‘Facebook Connect’ or ‘Login with Facebook’ button, which are now becoming common place among modern websites: users simply click the button and their email address is added to your iContact list without ever having to type their email out.

Email addresses are added in realtime to the iContact list of your choice, including their first and last name which are also captured from their Facebook account.

Compatible with all existing iContact features including single or double opt-ins and custom auto-responders.

Compatible with free iContact accounts as well as paid iContact accounts, and compatible with all web hosting accounts, whether they are PHP, ASP.Net or anything else.

Doesn’t use iContact API: script built entirely in Javascript for maximum compatibility and free from API limits.

We’ve been using this script on our offers for some time now, opt-in conversions are up 68% and our Facebook list alone is now over 21k subscribers.

I can’t believe how easy this was to add to my site, literally increased my opt-ins overnight, thanks a lot!

For what it does, you guys aren’t charging enough for this. Super effective and super quick to implement. You should be charging double for this.

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