Entrepreneuress Academy

Find Out MoreEntrepreneuress AcademyImagine having a place to ask questions and converse with fellow female entrepreneurs, or a sounding board for ideas and a place to go for encouragement and advice. Talking to successful and like minded people helps drive your further and shape your motivation to maximise your potential for success.

The easiest way to learn something is to be walked through it, step-by-step. We have put together video courses walking you through the most important things to know when wanting to start or expand your online business. We have courses ranging from beginner to advanced on topics like: How to devise and test a business idea, create a website fast and free, how to write and sell an ebook, How to devise a successful email marketing campaign, small and large business case studies and so much more.

Interviews with women entrepreneurs discussing their business, their struggles, their personal strategies and all the helpful tips that helped get them where they are today!

Join now and learn about the different online business models and figure out which one is the best fit for you.

“Melanie has taught me invaluable lessons about the right ways to test out business ideas and walked me through how to process so I wasn’t overwhelmed.”

“Her advice and guidance have helped me to integrate new concepts into my company. She has been one of the biggest motivations and references with my business endeavors.” Read more…

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