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Find Out MoreElect conservativesThere are over 600,000 elected offices in America. Conservative candidates will be contesting almost all of them. Every candidate will need a team of people to help get him or her elected. Every member of every conservative election team in 2012 needs this book!

If you have any connection with conservative churches, PACs, organizations or election campaigns, you can sell this book to them. They need it. There are over 600,000 seperate elections happening in November 2012. Conservative candidates will be running in almost all of them. All will have teams of staff and volunteers helping them. Millions of conservaitve citizens will be involved in the election. All of them need to learn about and buy this book. And use it.

I couldn’t find a book anywhere that was written just for conservatives, telling them everything they had to do to win elections. So I wrote it There is nothing original at all in here. It is based on my own years of experience, the lessons learned from countless conservative friends and campaign veterans, and common sense. But it works. Craig Copland author

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