Find Out MoreeBusinessChineseHello fellow businessman, My name is Shlomo, I do business in China and work a lot with Chinese people. When I started, I also thought it would be okay to work with representatives and translators. I WAS WRONG! I thought they were my voice out there….after a few months I realized things don’t work that way. Imagine… Orders don’t come on time, you don’t get the products you order and some products are delivered broken! All this costs MONEY, which can be saved!

Chinese culture counts Guan xi (personal relationship) more than any representative, translator or salesmen. They want you around to do all the talking. You can’t replace a hand shake, eye contact or personal meetings, when doing business in China…meetings are all about language, phone calls are all about language, BUT, you probably don’t have time to learn that. You are probably running to your next meeting right now! We solved this problem for you.

We came up with a short, practical & smart system of dialogues to help beginners learn business Chinese.

Practical – They simulate day to day situations. ?You need your best business Chinese to close a deal.

Convenient -Generated for a variety of platforms according to your need. Read it on your iPhone, iPad, smart phone, laptop, netbook, or MP3 player.

Graduated – Made for beginners, all dialogues come in 3 levels. simplified Chinese-Pinyin-English, simplified Chinese-Pinyin and simplified Chinese only. Choose the level that best suits you and try a higher level when you’re ready.

Secret special code for our group on Quizlet, where you can practice all index words of all 4 dialogues (yes, including the bonus dialogue!)

We are in business for quite a while now…and we checked our competitors prices for you as well:

"The Practical eBusiness Chinese eBooks are a… Read more…

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