Dynamic Theme Units

Find Out MoreDynamic Theme UnitsHi, I’m Meredith Nation, and I’ve been homeschooling all my life, first as a student and now as a parent of three. I want to share with you a discovery I made that has revolutionized the way we do schooling! Here are a few of the things that it has done for our family, and can do for yours:

Being raised in homeschool gave me a great foundation and lots of great ideas for homeschooling my own children. But, like you, I struggled to make it work for our unique family. I have three children who have very different interests, learning styles, and needs. I tried packaged curricula, unit study packages, picking and choosing from different programs, unschooling — just about every approach I could find in books or on the internet. Each had major disadvantages for our family, and I was not happy with any of them.

The kids were burned out and I was burned out. We were due to go on vacation in a month, so I decided to take a break from schooling and just get ready for the trip. I began to organize family activities around preparing for vacation. We had lots of fun, and the trip was a great success – our best family vacation ever. After we returned home, I began to jot down all the things we had learned and done before and during the trip. I was astounded by what the children had learned, figured, read and written, without any complaint and with great enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that I had found the answer to my homeschooling dilemma.

I have named this method the Dynamic Theme Units approach. It is so beneficial to homeschooling families that I want to share it with everyone!

Here are just a few of the benefits… Read more…

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