Do It Yourself Video Package

Find Out MoreDo It Yourself Video PackageYou’ve probably been hearing about how you need to be using online video to grow your business. There are some very good reasons why everyone’s talking about this.

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I started to see just how much video can grow your business about three years ago, when I lost my job.

I had been working in the video production business, but I’d always been a Producer who hired other people to do the actual work of making the videos. I didn’t even know how to turn on a camera! But after I lost my job, I started to see that I was going to need to create a job for myself, since there weren’t many jobs to go around as the Great Recession hit full force. And I saw that I was going to have to start with lower budget projects where I couldn’t afford to hire a crew. So I would have to become an expert at doing it all myself in a hurry.

I had to create a quality video product all by myself with no backup from the crews I used to work with.

But, lucky me, I had recently gotten married to a rock star video guy who runs his own video production company. He said, “I do this by myself all this time! You can totally do this.” So he came with me on the first few shoots to help me learn how to use the camera, how to use the lights, and how to pull the whole thing off as a “one woman show.” (Thanks, honey. I couldn’t have done this without you!) He showed me what equipment to buy and helped… Read more…

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