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Find Out MoreDave Kessler Auctions & Realty - Newsletterforprofit.comI’m a 71 yr. old freelance writer in a wheelchair and I’m ready to reveal the secrets to how I made $1,000 a month "on the side" writing in my former living room which became my impromptu office. A decent computer, a second-hand desk and my ability to choose my words were my basic investment.

As the business grew I bought about $100 dollars worth of plastic brochure holders at a local office store to display my FREE giveaway hardcopy newsletters for the public to take home, read, enjoy and save.

I even had the hardcopy newsletters drilled to fit in a three ring binder as the folks picking them up wanted to save them to make up their own free cookbook.

The businesses buying ads for from $20 to $150 dollars loved the results of advertising in my newsletter since they received long-lasting benefit from the small amount of advertising dollars they spent to reach my audience.

The readers got involved by sending me favorite recipes to share in my free newsletter. One lady copied recipes from my newsletter, sent them in to a newspaper and won cash prizes in their recipe contest. I had another happy camper as a regular reader.

I published my free newsletter once a month so I could make $1,000 a month, or more, without working too hard as I just used it as a part-time extra money maker while I was frying other freelance fish. Publishing it more frequently would have upped the income greatly but I wanted to take time to smell the roses.

I also could have expanded the territory in which I was distributing the free newsletter and this would have pumped up the ad dollar income. But, since I’m in a wheelchair and had to hire a guy to drive around two counties placing current… Read more…

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