Convertazon – Are You Ready to Take Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings to the Next Level?

Find Out MoreConvertazon - Are You Ready to Take Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings to the Next Level?I’m sure you’ve already seen all of WordPress plugins out there that allow you to “plaster” your review blogs with Amazon products and links. Some of them pull in customer reviews, some pull in product data, and some just create static old fashioned product links.

Those plugins have their place, but what about the savvy marketer who simply wants to create a content based blog that ranks high in the search engines and is monetized with Amazon without having to dump hundreds of product links on the page or having to rely on posting the same duplicate product content that other marketers are using?

What if you want to monetize the site in a way that will allow you to keep the content structure, keep the look and feel of your current blog, but practically FORCE your vistors to click-through your Amazon affiliate links and explode your commissions?

What if you could easily increase your Clickthrough rate so that you get MORE CONVERSIONS with the same traffic you’re already getting? After all, what good is the traffic if they don’t click through your affiliate links?

What if I told you that there was a way to not only utilize your existing blog content, but also turbo charge it with attention getting dynamic Amazon calls to action and contextual links based on exactly what your visitor is ALREADY LOOKING TO BUY.

What I am about to share with you is one of the most powerful Amazon affiliate marketing tools available, that can (if done right) completely transform your affiliate business.

It just doesn’t cut it anymore to throw up a blog filled to the brim with Amazon product images and banners.

If you are serious about earning a living from the Amazon Associate program then this plugin is a must… Read more…

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