Controlling Temper Tantrums in Older Children

Find Out MoreControlling Temper Tantrums in Older ChildrenHow to tackle problems like Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Encopresis without punishing your child!

"Even children adopted as babies often display severe and destructive behaviors. I was one of those kids."

Hi, my name is Bryan Post and I was adopted as an infant at four months of age. My parents loved me and tried to raise me as best they could but didn’t know until I was an adult of the severe behaviors I was displaying behind their backs. I was an expert at lying, compulsively stealing, and even killed animals but everyone thought I was the perfect kid–good grades and a star football player.

All the while I was suffering and doing things that could have gotten me into major trouble. Deceiving my parents and teachers became a way of life for me and it gave me a rush.

Of course, no one can live their whole life without natural consequences for behaviors that severe. I was in college before I began to realize how screwed up my life was and that something needed to change.

Your child may be like me. You may be watching him destroy his life as a teen or you may be recognizing the early signs children show when they haven’t attached to family members properly. Whatever the case, you are looking for answers.

As you observe your child you know his life will never be what it was meant to be unless you get help. She can never grow into the fabulous person you see glimpses of until she decides to accept the love of the people around her. But how do you, as her parent, get that to happen?

I was asking myself these same questions as I studied social work so I could help kids like me. I saw a… Read more…

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