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Find Out MoreComments On Life - Angel Comments - Comments On Life BookThis book starts off with one of my earliest experiences from a level of mind that allows one to hear another being from another realm of intelligence other than our own. Little did I know at the time it was to be the beginning of a life time of communication. I was only nine years old at the time. I was told after I grew up that it was from the more positive and angelic level of life.

"After Experiencing This Gift of Communication It Was One of My Greatest Desire’s To Share It!!!"

Many of you wish to grow spiritually; this manuscript does indeed have within its pages many spiritual messages and from these pages you may find that you have already grown spiritually in ways that you were unaware of and this manuscript, just might contribute a bit more to that end. Above all else know this about spirituality; we are a pure spiritual being. Learning what it is to be human. The main reason for this experience is to master the physical. Once you have mastered the physical you have reached the first step in becoming self-aware.

You can read this manuscript from any page, first or last, front to back or back to front, it contains many short stories. It was written to follow my life and the way I was presented these comments on life.

Who am I talking about that presented these comments to me? Is the more positive and angelic community if you will. It all fits from any direction and you will experience their bits of wisdom regardless from where you start and it is both funny and illuminating and in some cases flies in the face of conventional thinking. I suggest you read the last page first.

"Why Not Give Yourself… Read more…

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