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Find Out MoreChicken Soup for the Soul® - Story Submissions.If you knew that innocent mistakes could affect your children negatively for the rest of their lives… Would you change your behavior?

If you could discover exactly what would help them to turn out just the way you want… Would you listen?

After working with hundreds of parents over the past 22 years, I’d like to share a proven, systematic approach to raising children that will not only allow you to have an amazing relationship with them, but will also give you the tools to help them have a happy, successful life.

Your life and your children’s lives could be so much more joyful by using the system I have developed. In fact, I call it the Effective Parenting Method.

By practicing this method personally, my two daughters have the high self-esteem and vibrant self-confidence that has helped them become the master of their lives – from their ability to create nurturing relationships, to their love of learning, and to their amazing ability to deal effectively with whatever life presents them with.

How did we as a family accomplish that? By developing a method based on one fundamental principle: Our beliefs about ourselves, people, and life are crucial in determining how we live.

In fact, right now you may be doing things (or failing to do things) that will lead your beautiful, young children to a negative conclusion or belief about themselves, others or life… without you even realizing it.

The answer is they’ve formed beliefs – most of which they are not aware of – that cause them to behave in these ways. And guess what? Most of their beliefs come from you. Yes, you, their parent, from interpreting what they saw you or your spouse say or do when they were very young.

I know this might be hard… Read more…

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