Find Out Morechallengeworkouts.comDid you know that less than 5% of people are able do a single pull-up? Heck, even bodybuilders wish they could crank out pull-ups and push-ups with ease.

The pull-up is heralded as the ultimate challenge – the ultimate test of one’s strength and endurance, and the standard by which one’s level of fitness is ultimately judged.

Simply put… you aren’t really fit unless you are banging out a few rounds of pull-ups with ease.

But your body is NOT the only thing that changes with your mastery of the pull-up. Your sense of self-worth changes too.

People are naturally drawn to exceptional things. And the pull-up, as you are well aware, is no easy feat.

So you can just imagine all the attention you’ll get while effortlessly banging out one pull-up after another – from the gym staff, to the trainers, to the beginners getting back in shape, and even to those in single digit body fat – your pull-up prowess will not only draw their attention, but earn their respect and admiration as well – especially if you are a woman.

See, a couple months ago while at a fitness conference in Las Vegas I came across a group of trainers huddled around a pull-up bar watching a female trainer as she knocked out 29 pulls ups in a row.

Later that afternoon, after the conference I headed to the hotel gym for my workout. With the image of the pull-up girl still in my head, I posed a mental challenge to her…

…my challenge to her was that I could knock out 30 pull-ups straight (one more than she had done earlier that day) proving to myself that I was the fittest trainer at the conference.

The truth is I never even got to thirty pull-ups. In fact, I… Read more…

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