causes of high blood pressure – high blood pressure natural treatment

Find Out Morecauses of high blood pressure - high blood pressure natural treatmentDid you know that blood pressure CAN be lowered, simply by following a strategy with natural solutions?

I’ve been treating people with Hypertension or high blood pressure since 1996 and with great success.

Each person has their own individual CAUSE of high blood pressure, and there are many to choose from.

Most people are disillusioned with their doctors and with prescription medications. They may be suffering side effects from drugs and can become dependent on them. Often the doctor doesn’t even go through the person’s diet or lifestyle with them!

Did you know that 99% of the time, high blood pressure can be fixed and normalized without the use of strong drug medications.

It’s SO IMPORTANT to understand why it’s happening to you, what are the SYMPTOMS and the CAUSES and critically, how to bring the blood pressure down, quickly and safely.

My two grandfather’s and grandmothers all died of heart attacks and strokes. They all suffered from high blood pressure.

After my father’s last stroke which was 10 years ago, I realized I had to step in and interfere with the doctors treatment or else I knew I would lose him, just as I had lost my grandparents, but was too young at the time to know better.

I remember the day when my father called me on the phone complaining of numbness down his right arm and dizziness. He asked me to come over, but said he’d be ok.

I immediately called an ambulance who when they arrived said he had a blood pressure of 220/110 and immediately gave him oxygen in his home. They then carefully moved him into the ambulance and proceeded to the hospital.

My husband and I were following the ambulance and I remember feeling so anxious because the ambulance was driving so slowly (which is what they… Read more…

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