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2012 Enlightened – The Book

Find Out MoreBrad is a true "messenger" of the 2012 reality ­ he’s spent over 25 years practicing, connecting to, teaching and studying the spiritual, metaphysical & quantum sciences that all relate to our 2012 journey – and beyond. Check out Brad Carrigan’s Website "Brad Carrigan, author of the book 2012 Enlightened, says the portentous […]

Affiliate Program

Find Out MoreAll of our products have been scientifically generated for absolute accuracy of each frequency. They are extensively tested for safety and reliability.. Using brainwave technology it was found that certain combinations of alpha, theta and delta harmonics caused beneficial changes in brain activity and changes in consciousness Read more…

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Find Out MoreA no-nonsense way to get the results you want… So SIMPLE, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE you can toss aside all the self-improvement programs you have ever purchased If you don’t already know me, let me give you a quick introduction of who I am and what I do… My name is Dr, Robert Anthony. […]

2012 Official Countdown: Must Read Info About December 21, 2012

See why December 21, 2012 is not a conspiracy theory for doomsday believers. Evidence show the year 2012 could be the end of the world as we know it.