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Find Out More‘We The People’ Must Be Free! Announcing a tax system our Founding Fathers Only dreamed of! Today, because of modern technology it will happen! Read it for yourself! Over 115 dynamic information packed pages! Clear examples of how this revolutionary system works! The ‘True Tax’ will pull the teeth of the I.R.S. and […]

Burning Your Money

This urgent special report gives you step-by-step information to help you recognize when the collapse is upon us?and to ensure your family’s survival and well being.

THE BOOK – GoddessMedia

Find Out MoreThis book will enhance your knowledge and self awareness. Enlighten you on “Wall Street, Big Banks, Mortgage Fraud & more!”. Learn the mechanics of mortgage loans, U.S. monetary system and the way ‘the federal reserve’ works. Myth behind foreclosure, is more than a book it’s a history lesson and self help tool. The […]

Join The Secret Society – Circle of

A Circle of Gentlemen, an historical Jacobite Group from across Scotland.

Impeach Obama

Find Out MoreOh… there are many reasons to call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama and there is more than just cause to call for his impeachment. But as Bruce said, Obama’s "malevolence toward this country, which is unabated" makes it all the more imperative that we take action now… without delay. Join The […]