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World Peace Starts With You

Find Out MoreMaybe. But remember, WORLD wars started in 1914. Continued in 1939. Then suddenly in 1945, the weaponry changed from relative to absolute. Einstein himself said, "Everything has changed except our way of thinking." He added, "If we don’t eliminate war, war will eliminate us." Read more…

Grassroots Organizations Nonprofit Qualities Leadership Community Non Profit Management

Grassroots Community Groups, Organizational Development, Team Building, Leadership Training, How to Manual

Government Secret Code

Government Secret Code, is a documentary by Goranco Petrovski. The documentary covers some of the CODE that is used in Government Rule in the world that not a lot of people know about. It covers the most powerful codes that have been used in Government. Incidents like the 2010 Haiti that resulted in over 250,000 lives lost and others. Learn government secrets, government code, and secret codes

Cutting The Red Tape –

Find Out MoreThis ebook is in PDF format and will be availabe for download upon completion of order just follow the link on your thank you page, the ebook only has 54 information packed pages, to help you get right to the point . Read more…

Elect conservatives

The 2012 Conservative Election Handbook. A How-to book with clear, concise instructions explaining how to elect conservatives to public office