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Chicken Soup for the Soul® – Story Submissions.

Find Out MoreIf you knew that innocent mistakes could affect your children negatively for the rest of their lives… Would you change your behavior? If you could discover exactly what would help them to turn out just the way you want… Would you listen? Read more…

Dynamic Theme Units

Find Out MoreHi, I’m Meredith Nation, and I’ve been homeschooling all my life, first as a student and now as a parent of three. I want to share with you a discovery I made that has revolutionized the way we do schooling! Here are a few of the things that it has done for our […]

Baby Colic Relief – The Fastest Way To Relieve Your Baby’s Colic

Tips to get fast relief for a baby suffering from baby colic.

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Learning Chinese made simple for kids at Our Chinese teaching software is designed to be fun, engaging and interactive, so that children can learn without being bored. All our lessons are graphical and animated; we have also eliminated any need for rote memorization and encourage your children to learn Mandarin Chinese in a way that will always keep their interest alive.