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How to Speak Japanese

Learn how to speak Japanese with confidence with this Intermediate Level Japanese language program

JLPT – How to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Find Out MoreAccording to The Japan Foundation level 4 is reached after approximately 150 hours of study. Examinees are expected to have mastered the basic elements of grammar, know around 100 Kanji and 800 words, have the ability to engage in simple conversations and read and write short, simple sentences. That is a lot of […]

Easy Language Systems – Japanese

Find Out MoreThe old classroom method is slow, time consuming, expensive, frustrating and usually fails completely, if you keep going for more than a few weeks that is. Yes most people give up pretty quick… The new interactive methods are expensive, seem like fun at the start but end up becoming boring, monotonous, time consuming […]

Download Japanese video audio lessons and textbook

Download Japanese language pack, Audio and ebook

Bullet Japanese – Learn Japanese Fast – Discover How To Speak Japanese

Discover how to speak Japanese fast. Learn Japanese at 100 words per hour!