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How to Lose Weight and Tone Up with Yoga

Learn how to lose weight and tone up with Yoga, Yoga techniques to help you lose weight

Yoga Positions – Yoga Postures Book – Home

Find Out MoreOver 140 easy to follow pictures with clear and simple explanations that make yoga easier than ever before. Read more…

Chakras of Tantric Yoga

The Chakras of Tantric Yoga for health and well-being, stress release, concentration, mind and body awareness, and spiritual development.

Learn Meditation and Yoga in Ananda Marga Centers Worldwide

Ananda Marga teaches meditation and yoga and does social service around the world.

Yoga Nidra Yoga Meditation Relaxation

Find Out MoreYou are a creator not a creature: the greatest hindrance to creation is lack of space – the solution is beyond physical relaxation… and also beyond mental relaxation – the Space of Deep Sleep is – the Place of Peace and – the Heart of Being! A simple way that Yoga Nidra can […]