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Wake Up to Your Power and Magnificence!

Find Out MoreAnita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc, MIMT is a psychotherapist, spiritual healer, and founder of the IMTs. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new spiritual faculties that supports the Spiritual Creation that is our future. She is currently training healers in IMT Level I. Greg LeMoine, MIMT, MSW(c), […]

Everyday Manifesting – Manifesting Your Desires!

Everyday Manifesting – Finding Joy Through Creating Consciously is an amazing ebook that will help you manifest and experience more joy in your life.

What They Never Told You In The Secret » Blog Archive » Why Feeling-Based Visualization Is NOT Enough To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires!

Find Out MoreWhy "Feeling-Based Visualization" As Described In ‘The Secret’ Is NOT Enough To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires! "Discover The Secret "Master Tool" Used By Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump And All The Great Spiritual Masters To Live Their Life’s Purpose AND Manifest Spectacular Results!" And it’s certainly no accident you arrived at this web site…Here’s […]

Affirmation Enhancer – Boost Daily Affirmations

The powerful Affirmation Enhancer tool helps to clear out any blocks you may have to embodying your affirmations.

30 Day Reiki Challenge – Tap Your Inner Potential To Increase Your Natural Reiki Healing Abilities

The 30 Day Reiki Challenge eBook version is a 30 day program designed to help Reiki Practitioners of any Reiki style at any Reiki Level to propel their Reiki abilities to ever higher levels.