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Meditation eBooks and Resources – Master Meditation

Meditation ebooks, guided meditations, meditation courses. High quality resources to teach you how to meditate and also go deeper with your meditating practice.

Living the Hero’s Journey – A Malcolm Ferrier eCourse

Find Out MoreJames Bond, Luke Skywalker, the Doctors (Jones, Who, Savage, Strange). MacGyver. The Pretender and Jason Bourne. Mulder and Scully. Sarah Connor. Ripley. Neo and Frodo. Sherlock Holmes and the Prisoner. Jack Bauer. Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. The Seven Samurai. Living the Hero’s Journey is an instantly downloadable […]

– Life After Life Communication

Find Out MoreHi my name is Julie Kay and I have been a psychic medium since childhood and worked professionally for over 16 years helping people re-connect to their loved ones who have passed I myself have lost two babies & my loving mother so I personally understand the heartache and grief that you and […]

How to Meditate with Heart

Learn how to meditate with Heart Rhythm Meditation. The Heart attracts its desire. Discover your most powerful resource.