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Find Out MoreFor a short time the Lifetime membership is available at only $97. This is not a recurring charge but once only. And what if his agenda was to help you improve your work skills and grow your knowledge so you manage and maintain ANY Linux distribution including the most popular ones? Read more…

Windows Training Videos x 100

100 training videos on how to use Windows 7. Grab your Windows 7 training here!.

Windows 7 Guide

How To Windows 7 is a a quick and easy reference guide for beginners using Windows 7

Windows 7 Ultimate Guide

Are you up to speed on what you need to do to install Microsoft’s new Operating System?

Take Control of Windows 7

Find Out MoreHi, my name is Vincent. When it comes to computers, the internet, and other tech stuff, I’m sort of a GEEK! I’m 34 now, and my love/hate relationship with computers started about 20 years ago. I eat, sleep, and breathe computers; you can find me online at least 80 hours per week – […]