Book of Bliss – Use Appreciation and Gratitude to Fulfill Your Life’s Dreams

Find Out MoreBook of Bliss - Use Appreciation and Gratitude to Fulfill Your Life's DreamsJoe explains in this video how women are programmed to be givers, nurturers, and they all think of starting a non-profit. I so relate to this as I was never confident about selling. I wanted to help and share everything, but receiving anything in return… no!

Over the years I was told you can’t block receiving as the giver also needs her place to give. So if you receive, you allow someone else to give. That made me open to the idea to receive. But lately I see it more as the flow of water or energy. Water will be more healthy when its flowing, energy is the same way. And since everything is energy anyway, I know that giving will create some kind of energy in return. It can be in any form, a thank you, a refferal, a present or gift in return, or money (money is energy you now!).

Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day Two years ago I published my first e-book Book of Bliss, a 12 week practice of appreciation. It was a small dream come true but I had overcome many obstacles. Mostly … Continue reading → Read more…

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