Birth Outside the Box: Online Childbirth Education

Find Out MoreBirth Outside the Box: Online Childbirth EducationOUR MISSION To provide child birth education that actively teaches the skills and techniques needed to ensure a comfortable, safe birth experience and smooth recovery, without the hassle or expense of traditional childbirth classes. Childbirth education also outlines the body’s innate design to give birth and respects the emotional needs of laboring women so mothers receive peace-of-mind by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to relieve their fears so they can enjoy their pregnancies and actually look forward to giving birth.

The Birthing Workbook is an essential element to mastering your natural child birth education. It provides assignments and student reflections for each lesson. By the end of the program, it will contain the wisdom you’ve gain along your pregnancy and childbirth preparation journey. It will serve as your "Childbirth Bible" for years to come. It will free you to focus on what you’re learning rather than struggling to remember every detail. You’ll also avoid information overload by working at your own pace so you can focus on applying all the strategies and techniques you learn.

The Language of Childbirth Vocabulary Pack lets you crack the code of natural child birth education tech speak. From AROM to BPP, you’ll no longer have to wade your way through technical terms and wonder what those abbreviations mean. You’ll be able to speak a common language with your care providers – should any technical terms arise, you’ll understand what’s being said well in advance of the birth so you don’t feel scared or out of control during your pregnancy or once labor arrives.

Start your natural child birth education any time, anywhere without having to discuss your pregnancy and birth with a bunch of strangers. The schedule will adapt to fit your personal needs. Choose the option that works best for your individual… Read more…

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