Bible Study on Book of James and over $157.24 worth of materials for only $29!

Find Out MoreBible Study on Book of James and over $157.24 worth of materials for only $29!(Quadruple Your Investment with this limited time package: I’m Giving Away $157.24 Worth Of Additional Most-Popular Bible Study Material…For Only $19. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay.)

-you’re tired of bland, boring, blah fill-in-the-blank Bible studies …you want something that’s going to help you get a firm grip of the material, that will implant the Word deep into your heart and sprout fresh new growth into your life.

Is information enough for you or do you want the keys to unlocking a more dynamic, authentic, life as a follower of Jesus?

…real life change that exhibits vibrant thankfulness, compelling obedience, and powerful life service through the name of Jesus is the thing I’m after.

Through trial and error, in both victory and frustration and failure, I’ve come to learn this simple lesson:

Teaching from the Bible must give a a clear, understandable message that also delivers crucial steps to real obedience and change.

I’m unveiling a huge study package with the first of a new line of a different kind of Bible study that does exactly that:

a Powerful, Action-based, Huge 65 page study on the book of James and 4 of the Most Unforgettable, Life-Changing Books I’ve ever read 2 of the Leading, Highest-Ranking Commentaries to aid your study on the book of James… a Bonus, Professional Audio Recording of the book of James itself A Compelling, Refreshing and Dynamic Audio Teaching entitled ‘Repentance, Healing, Renewal, Restoration a $157.24 value for only…$19!

A study on the book of James, a book of action, would be incomplete without action steps that guide you into experiencing obedience.

As a long-time teacher of the most popular book in history, I know it’s easy to deliver information, information, information and leave little time for vibrant transformation.

I’ve brainstormed action steps into every component… Read more…

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