Be Able!

Find Out MoreBe Able!Six books containing heaps of suggestions for busy parents, grandparents, teachers, tutors and ‘home-schoolers’. They are written by an experienced South Australian teacher, working mother, tutor and grandmother, Lorraine Capon. She wants to give support to parents and others. She currently runs her own tutoring and consulting business. There is little educational jargon in these publications.

Be Able 1 Coping Ideas to Help Run the home for Women in the Work Force and All Busy Parents. Throughout the book there are spaces to jot down your own ideas. It is useful for collaborative learning. Be Able 2 Coping Ideas to Support Your Child’s Learning in the Primary School. Again there are spaces for your own thoughts. This book has many valuable ideas to help parents and could be used well in conjunction with Books 4 and 6. It has more details about educational games to play with young learners. Be Able 3 Coping Ideas for Behaviour Management in the Home, Sunday School and Classroom. Develop good discipline and become an effective facilitator of learning. There are some detailed instructions about setting up a Sunday School. Remember, "Busy, well supervised children are usually well behaved." Be Able 4 Be an Able Tutor. Extra Easy Ideas for Tutors, Parents, Teachers and ‘Home-Schoolers’ WITH A PHONICS EMPHASIS. There are useful cards to be made for effective discussions and motivational activities. Teachers and tutors are invited to make multiple copies of the cards for lessons. There is a section devoted to teaching literacy and numeracy from birth. Be Able 5 Be Able Poetry. Rhymes for Children and Adults. This book is in two sections. Section one contains poetry with nature themes and one on bullying, which could be used in any classroom. Teachers must feel free to copy these. Section two is for Christians with the ORIGINAL BELIEFS, and could be… Read more…

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