Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook

Find Out MoreBaseball Field Maintenance HandbookJim Reiner, publisher of the Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook, and former AAA baseball field groundskeeper introduces…

If you hate the bad hops on your field … can’t stand the poor footing … and are just plain embarrassed when others see your playing fields…

…now you can have better play more often using the same field maintenance tips and techniques the pros use.

It’s the surest way to turn even a mediocre sports field into a championship field and enjoy a better baseball experience… in just a few weeks — and at virtually no extra cost.

In 2003, I arrived early for the high school baseball game … and stood behind home plate … and while I was watching the coaches hit grounders to their players … I saw a major problem:

While the teams playing were loaded with talent, I saw a baseball field that was really in bad shape – not a single grounder bounced straight. It was beyond belief.

I myself had my playing career cut short because of a bad field. As a senior playing in the last high school game of the year, I was running home from second base, rounded third, and hit a gopher hole. My right leg was in shooting pain. Anything that could rip did.

Back then, arthroscopic surgery wasn’t mainstream yet – I had my knee totally opened, fixed, and sewed up. I was in a cast for 3 months. I limped for 2 years. End of the baseball dream for me.

I had seen my first son denied playing as a junior league all-star because a wicked hop at second base split a finger on his throwing hand.

I saw my second son as a junior in high school twist his ankle playing third base because the opponent’s field has such a bad lip at… Read more…

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