Applied Posture Riding

Find Out MoreApplied Posture RidingHere’s the most effective program to Train Your Muscles for Horse Riding,…. You Will become a Better Rider … You Will Improve Your Skills… To an Elite Level, ….Enjoy Your Riding More, And The Bonus is, your Back Pain will decrease in the Process!

By learning how to specifically train the core muscles for horse riding and strengthen all the muscles you use for riding, you will become a better, more confident rider, and imagine being able to sit the trot with skill and talent. A strong core means less back pain as well!

The riding posture is the same for the beginner and the advanced rider…. The beginner is learning new skills…..the advanced rider has habits that inhibit perfection……riders’ from all over the world are using this unique program and specific exercise techniques to train themselves to ride with more skill and confidence. Riders’ are learning to ride their big moving horses with skill instead of holding them back to the riders’ level…… And I guarantee these methods will work for you too… in fact, I want to PROVE it to you!

No matter what level you are… I’ll show you how to be 100% more effective with your aids and ride with more confidence, comfort, and skill.

BEST PART: You Can Use This Program To Control or Stop Back Pain… and make looking after you and your horse pain FREE

Would you like to be able to improve your riding posture, so you can connect with your horse and achieve that sort after independent, deep seat?

Would you love to get compliments from judges or instructors… all telling you how much your riding has improved?

Would you like to learn a few unique exercises that simulate the riding posture… so you can take… Read more…

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