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Adword Generator makes setting up Adwords Campaigns a breeze! I used to do my campaign planning in Word and then would copy and paste the different parts into Adword’s Campaign Management.

It was a pain making sure I had the right number of characters and that I was following Google Adwords’ Guidelines. Now the AdwordGenerator makes this easy. I just brainstorm my ideas right in the Adword Generator interface, it tells me how many characters I have left and it even will check to make sure my ad follows the strict guidelines. Then I just click a button and it automatically posts my ad to Adwords.

You’ve done it again! An excellent product that make my life easier, saves me loads of time, and money.

Adword Generator is a great time saver. Instead of having to do everything online, I can now quickly and easily create new ads, edit old ads, spell check and make sure I’m not violating any Google rules before I even log in.

This makes it much easier to generate multiple ads for split testing so I can always run the most effective ads. I also love knowing how many characters I’m using in each line so I know if I can add more or if I’m close to the maximum.

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