Acne Diet Facts

Find Out MoreAcne Diet FactsHi, I’m Dr. G, a board certified dermatologist and I’d like to share with you some information about acne. When I trained, virtually no mention was made of the possible effects of diet on acne throughout medical school and my three-year dermatology residency program. Once in practice I found that acne was not so easy to treat, even with multiple medicines. My patients were frustated and so was I. So I spent months obtaining and reviewing over 80 references on the effect of diet on acne from turn-of-the-century textbooks to the latest published clinical trials and what I learned astonished me! There is so much data out there about diet and acne that is useful, but its just so well hidden. Some of the studies are old and can’t be accessed on Medline. I had to really dig deep into dusty old journals to find this information out. BUT just because data is old, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. I felt like I found a treasure trove.

I have written a dozen or so articles for medical journals but I found that writing this little book was actually a bit of a challenge – I needed to de-jargonize, condense, and make understandable what usually only a doctor would be expected to make sense of. This book is different, this book is for YOU, written in a way that you can understand and use to help clear your skin of even the most absolutely stubborn acne. I’ll never forget one patient who had been on multiple antibiotics and prescription creams. She was not able to take isotretinoin, the notorious acne pill due to her medical history. As a last ditch effort, I supplemented her with the nutrients my research told me would help acne…… and her acne went away in two months… Read more…

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