Find Out MoreA THINKING HITTERA Player can have the greatest physical attributes in the game, but without a solid mental approach to match it – realizing ones true potential will be impossible to do.

Coach Parker has outlined the ideal strategy for teaching your players how to think. When it comes to hitting, the mental approach has a huge impact on a players success. The mental part of the game is too often ignored, too often misunderstood and way too often untaught.

A Thinking Hitter uncovers the essence of how great hitters think and even more important, how you teach your players to think.

From little league on up, an ideal tool for every coach. A Thinking Hitter is the perfect follow-up to "How I Teach It" and will provide you with an insight that is too valuable to ignore. Take your coaching to another level and give players a fighting chance to be great hitters.

Coach Parker has a unique gift that combines excellent technical knowledge with a relation-based coaching style. He understands the games and the athletes who play it and knows how to teach both. Sparky is a coach of significance in his players lives.

It is no wonder Sparky Parker has a wonderful reputation in the greater Seattle area, and observing Sparky teach and understand the elements of rotational hitting. Read more…

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