A Course in Mind Power by Aaron Murakami

Find Out MoreA Course in Mind Power by Aaron MurakamiLock the door, take the phone off the hook, grab your favorite drink and pay attention to every word I say!

Unless you plan on spending hours a day for the rest of your life trying to figure out how to increase your human powers, you might want to consider something…

If there ever was a Super Human school to train you in developing and unleashing your dormant super powers, this is it.

What a lot of people run in to these days is that there is so much information online and off, factual or not, about mind power and psychic development, that it can make one’s head spin.

I’m mostly referring to all these psychic courses and mind power or mindset development courses, which are all basically nothing more than just repackaging Charles F. Hannel’s Master Key System, Wallace D. Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich, Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, or similar.

Those three books/courses cover virtually everything you can find from any modern day "guru." That doesn’t mean it is bad, it just means that people haven’t been paying attention to what they are reading over and over.

And how many psychic courses have teachers that have been witnessed by others doing anything out of the ordinary?

I created this course out of the need to simplify the complex. I’m giving you what WORKS and am not just giving you a bunch of recompiled info. You will see that what I share is very much experiential and that I am not simply putting a twist on information that everyone has already read.

The closet thing I could compare my course to would be to mix Tesla with Haanel – imagine manifestation meets free energy. I honestly believe A Course in Mind Power is in a class… Read more…

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